A Julia interface for defining, solving and simulating partially observable Markov decision processes and their fully observable counterparts.

Package and Ecosystem Features

  • General interface that can handle problems with discrete and continuous state/action/observation spaces
  • A number of popular state-of-the-art solvers implemented for use out-of-the-box
  • Tools that make it easy to define problems and simulate solutions
  • Simple integration of custom solvers into the existing interface

Available Packages

The POMDPs.jl package contains only the interface used for expressing and solving Markov decision processes (MDPs) and partially observable Markov decision processes (POMDPs). The POMDPTools package acts as a "standard library" for the POMDPs.jl interface, providing implementations of commonly-used components such as policies, belief updaters, distributions, and simulators. The list of solver and support packages maintained by the JuliaPOMDP community is available at the POMDPs.jl Readme.

Documentation Outline

Documentation comes in three forms:

  1. An explanatory guide is available in the sections outlined below.
  2. How-to examples are available throughout this documentation with specicic examples in Examples and Gallery of POMDPs.jl Problems.
  3. Reference docstrings for the entire POMDPs.jl interface are available in the API Documentation section.

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Defining POMDP Models

Writing Solvers and Updaters

Analyzing Results

POMDPTools - the standard library for POMDPs.jl