History Recorder

A HistoryRecorder runs a simulation and records the trajectory. It returns an AbstractVector of NamedTuples - see Histories for more info.

hr = HistoryRecorder(max_steps=100)
pomdp = TigerPOMDP()
policy = RandomPolicy(pomdp)

h = simulate(hr, pomdp, policy)

More examples can be found in the POMDPExamples Package.


A simulator that records the history for later examination

The simulation will be terminated when either

  1. a terminal state is reached (as determined by isterminal() or
  2. the discount factor is as small as eps or
  3. max_steps have been executed

Keyword Arguments: - rng: The random number generator for the simulation - capture_exception::Bool: whether to capture an exception and store it in the history, or let it go uncaught, potentially killing the script - show_progress::Bool: show a progress bar for the simulation - eps - max_steps

Usage (optional arguments in brackets):

hr = HistoryRecorder()
history = simulate(hr, pomdp, policy, [updater [, init_belief [, init_state]]])