POMDP packages for the Julia language.

What is Julia?

"Julia is a high-level, high-performance dynamic programming language for technical computing". It is free (open source) and supports Windows, OSX, and Linux. It has a familiar syntax, works well with external libraries, is fast, and has advanced language features like metaprogramming.

What is JuliaPOMDP?

JuliaPOMDP is an organization that brings together packages written in Julia that are related to solving POMDPs.

Getting Started

  1. Download and install Julia for your OS follwing these instructions
  2. Install the meta package:
    julia> Pkg.add("POMDPs")
  3. Install some MDP solvers:
    julia> using POMDPs
    julia> POMDPs.add("DiscreteValueIteration")
    julia> POMDPs.add("MCTS")
  4. Install some POMDP solvers:
    julia> using POMDPs
    julia> POMDPs.add("QMDP")
    julia> POMDPs.add("SARSOP")


Overview of Packages


JuliaPOMDP packages used in courses at

  • Stanford University

Papers using JuliaPOMDP packages